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 Special Ranks

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Jasper Head Cultess & Administrator

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PostSubject: Special Ranks   Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:03 pm

I (meaning evermore & Demonic Angel) assign the special ranks. Asking will not make you get one, FYI.

Here they are so far:

The Banner Goddess - ZABELLA
Movie Master & Administrator - DEMONIC ANGEL
Co-Alpha of the Pack & Banner Maker Extrodinare - NIKKI-WA
Head of Carlisle Cult and President of L.E.C.T.NETSPEAK SUCKS.R.E -LAURA
Head of Emmett Cult & Faux Member of Jacob Cult - BOOKY/KIM
Alpha of the Pack & LOL-Inducing Mod - TAYLS
Taking The Porche For A Test Drive - NODOUBTER
Jasper's Own Personal Stalker & Co-Admin - MRS ALI JASPER HALE
Jasper Head Cultess & Administrator - EVERMORE
Head of Cullen Cults FBI - LILLY CULLEN
Getting the Dagger & Mace for the Jake & Mike Induced Killing Spree - SAMANTHA CULLEN
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Special Ranks
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