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 Cult Quiz

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PostSubject: Cult Quiz   Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:46 pm

Here is the quiz. Copy this into a PM to me, and send it. It's very simple, and will determine your cult.

1. Which Cult/Pack would you like to be a part of? Explain. (Please specify, not just "vampire cult" say something like, "I'd like to be in Esme Cult because I am motherly and friendly like she is.")

2. Fire or Ice? Again, explain.

3. Forks or LaPush?

4. What is your favorite activity out of the following?
a. Around the house stuff. Fixing up things, painting, sanding. Whatever.
b. Sports. All sports.
c. Saving lives.
d. Studying, or something military related.
e. Shopping.
f. All things automobile.
g. Music.
h. Trying not to get killed would be nice.
i. Running with a wolfish group of friends.

5. Who is your favourite Cullen/Werwolf?

6. Bella as an immortal or a mortal?

7. Which book is your favourite? Why so?

8. If you could spend the day with a character OTHER than one in your desired cult/pack or favourite character, who would it be? Why?

Hi, I'm evermore, your administrator & founder. PM me with any questions or concerns you may have!
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Cult Quiz
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