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 Jacob Black's playlist

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Visiting Renee In Jacksonville

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PostSubject: Jacob Black's playlist   Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:25 pm

ok I made a playlist for Jacob, it took me a while but I think it's pretty good. So here it is:
*Animal I have become-Three days Grace
*Pushin' Me Away-Jonas Brothers
*My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne
*Hanging By a Moment-Lifehouse
*In the End-Linkin Park
*How You Remind Me-Nickelback
*I Dare You to Move-Switchfoot
*I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
*In Between-Linkin Park
*It's Been a While-Staind
*It's Not Over-Daughtry
*Crawling-Linkin Park
*What I've Done-Linkin Park
*Still in Love With You-Jonas Brothers
*Believe-The Bravery
*Bring Me to Life-Evanesance
*Next Contestant-Nickelback
*Inseparable- Jonas Brothers
*Tonight-Jonas Brothers
*House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance
*Final Day-Tokio Hotel
*Get Back-Demi Lovato
*Can't Have You-Jonas Brothers
*Got Me Goin' Crazy-Jonas Brothers
*Shelf-Jonas Brothers
(Note: this is a condenced version of my Jacob Playlist, the original is actually much longer)
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Lilly Cullen
Head of Cullen Cults FBI

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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Black's playlist   Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:12 pm

you forgot "the boy who blocked his own shot", If you dont know it, just listen to it and you'll get the point. I know a few of the songs that youve put here and have no other problems.

Why can't you all just OBEY ME !!!

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Mrs. Cullen
New Kid

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Humor : I love Taylor yes I do I love Taylor how about u
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Black's playlist   Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:55 am

know your enemy
animal i have become
the boy who blocked his own shot
house of wolves
sharpiest lives
krazy (by pitbull)
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Black's playlist   

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Jacob Black's playlist
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