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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:58 pm

1) PLEASE no netspeaking, we are having a hard time with this, and its getting worse, netspeaking, for those of you who do not know, consists of: 2 instead of to or too, its fine if you are using it instead of the number spelled out though, tho instead of though, @ instead of at, r instead of are, etc, etc. or some of you may have taken the class notehand also known as shorthand? It would also consist of anything learned in there, though it is a useful class for note taking, you aren't in class and you aren't taking notes, you are posting on a message board

2) no spamming, spamming is characterized as double posting

3) no severally provocative content, we don't care if you are 21, you must take into account that there are members 12 and under on here, you can account for what you believe is "severally" provocative, basically, if you don't read it in the twilight series, don't post it, this also is not health class

4) no member bashing please, member bashing= being mean to someone simply because they are new to the board, or for any other reason (a little noob bashing is OK, but no cussing them out or anything please)

5) if you don't like someones opinion on something, or something they say, either voice your opinion in a mature way, or say nothing at all. If you find someones comments to be offensive, email/PM an admin/mod about it, they will help

6) keep things on topic as best you can, we understand that topics can and will stray sometimes, but at least try to keep it on topic, the new member threads don't really matter about the topics, those you can talk about whatever, as well as the chat thread, but as for the rest, try to keep it within the vicinity of the main topic
thats all, except for the main site rules, and common sense

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General Rules
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