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PostSubject: Ranks   Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:06 pm

These are the non-special ranks. The rank changes as your post count increases.

New Kid 0
Going To First Beach 25
Visiting Renee In Jacksonville 50
Hanging With Jessica 75
In The Meadow 100
Reading Wuthering Heights 125
Saying No To Birthday Presents 150
Being Reckless With Jake 175
Addressing Envelopes With Angela 200
Rejecting Mike Again 225
Sneaking Off To Italy 250
Braving The Volturi 275
Gone Cliff-Diving 300
Buying An Audi With Edward 325
Refusing Senior Prom 350
Tricking Charlie 375
In The Garage With Jake 400
Telling Scary Stories 425
Sleeping In Edward's Arms 450
Fetching A Space Heater 450
Planning The Wedding 475
Feeling Like Juliet 500
Sympathy For Rosalie 525
Being Kidnapped By Alice 550
A Dinner In Port Angeles 575
Visiting Carlisle in the ER 600
Giving Charlie Cooking Lessons 700
Practicing Fight Techniques With Jasper 800
Trying To Walk In Stillettos 900
Ending Humanity Forever 1000
Visiting the Denali Clan 1100
Hunting Penguins 1200
Howling At The Moon 1300
Getting a Ride in the Cruiser 1400
Commiting Grand Theft Auto 1500
Achieving Topaz Eyes 1600
Fighting Victoria 1700
Making the Cowardly Lion Look Like the Terminator 1800
Debating About the Immortal Soul With Edward 1900
Exchanging Wedding Vows 2000
Stopping At A Casino With Alice 2100
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